Three Must-Have Skills When You Want to Be a Stripper

Are you perhaps under the impression that you only need stilettos and boobs to become an exotic dancer? Well, you have another thing coming! Despite what you may have seen on the telly or read about in books, strippers don’t just walk on the stage and expect to be showered in bank notes. They need to be able to build rapport with their customers and impress them with their performance.

To become someone who can make good money on the stage, you should possess the following skills:

Active Listening

While your main responsibility is to entertain, you shouldn’t be the only one blabbing all throughout the conversation. Most customers are there to relax, and that can sometimes mean complaining about work, their family, or any other personal issue. You may even end up privy to their deepest, darkest secrets.

Interactions should go both ways, so you’ll need to give your client your undivided attention when they’re talking to you. Note the information offered to you, so you can better understand their situation. If you can, encourage them to bring up whatever they want, even their problems.


You’ll be spending a good portion of your time transacting with customers, so you need to be able to talk to them without trouble. Not only should you know how to listen actively, but also get your point across. Stuttering or slurring won’t exactly scream ‘impressive’, so work on your speaking.

Just because strippers are part of exotic evening pursuits doesn’t mean that you can blurt out whatever you want in the club. In the same way that you don’t want your clients to use derogatory or inappropriate terms on you, you shouldn’t use them in your conversations with them either.

Overall Entertainment

Knowing how to work the poles can greatly benefit you on the stage. Lap dancing skills are pretty awesome in snagging tips on the floor too. But gyrating your body shouldn’t be the only thing you are good at. You need to be able to offer something more for adult entertainment.

A few options for your secondary skill could be doing magic tricks, massaging shoulders, folding origami, and even telling jokes. Find something that will set you apart from the other exotic dancers and hone it. You’ll be surprised at the greater amount of money you could gain from having a wide repertoire.

Strippers are more than just dancers. Some establishments have it right when they call their girls “guest relations officers”, as they will actually need to ‘relate’ and interact with their clients. Do you think you have the above qualifications? Pick a good gentlemen’s club, like Candy Club, where you can make good use of your capabilities.

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