Think You Know Everything There Is to Know about Strippers?

When you hit the Brisbane strip club scene and mingle with Fortitude Valley strippers more times than you can remember, you may think that you’ve got everything pretty much down pat. However, there are actually many surprising things that happen in the world of stripping that you may not be aware of.

Just try to have a chat with anyone who works in the business. Dancers, bouncers, bartenders, waitresses, and club owners will surely have some hilarious, creepy, and nasty stories to share. Indeed, this industry doesn’t run out of interesting tales.

Check out these stripper-related stories which even made the news!

Robot Strippers

The rule of the Terminator has come sooner than we expected. During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, dancing bots from the United Kingdom were shipped to a club in Las Vegas. These robot strippers were meant to be a publicity stunt for those who were attending the CES.

Some of those who saw the dancing androids commented that although it was interesting to watch bots gyrate and work a pole, their current level of dance skills and their appearance still needed some work. Human strippers still rule in the arena of sending jolts of electricity down your body and awakening your sensual desires.

Strippers at a Funeral

Does your last will and testament include hiring a group of the hottest Fortitude Valley strippers and having them dance at your funeral? Then you’d better move to China quick! In some rural areas in the country, there have been several occasions where exotic dancers were hired to perform at a funeral by the family of the deceased.

In the rural regions, some believe that a way of honouring the dead relative is by increasing the number of funeral attendees. So, families hire strippers, actors, singers and/or comedians to draw a larger crowd. It’s also a way to showcase one’s wealth.

However, China has banned this practice in 2015. Perhaps it won’t be such a good idea to relocate there after all.

Pay Strippers Using Bitcoin

A club in Las Vegas allows their clients to pay for a lap dance and booze in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency. The dancers have temporary QR code tattoos which you can scan with your phone. Now, if that’s too techy for you, you can just stick to paper bills since the establishment still accepts cash. Besides, you can’t make it rain using digital currency, right?

Canada Has a Stripper Shortage

While Australia has plenty of gorgeous Fortitude Valley strippers, Canada is having problems because they have a shortage of employees for their strip clubs.

Not too many locals are applying for work in the industry so club owners relied on European dancers who flocked to the country for stripper jobs. However, the local government placed visa restrictions on aspiring exotic dancers from other countries. This started the shortage problem and caused many strip clubs to close business.

Thank your lucky stars you are living in Brisbane and not in Toronto. When you walk into a Fortitude Valley strip club, you know the place will be full of hot girls.

Well, what are you waiting for? Now that you have some interesting stripper stories to share, why not head on to Eye Candy and impress the ladies there with your knowledge of stripper trivia and your generosity in giving tips, of course.

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