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Three Must-Have Skills When You Want to Be a Stripper

Three Must-Have Skills When You Want to Be a Stripper

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Are you perhaps under the impression that you only need stilettos and boobs to become an exotic dancer? Well, you have another thing coming! Despite what you may have seen on the telly or read about in books, strippers don’t just walk on the stage and expect to be showered in bank notes. They need to be able to build rapport with their customers and impress them with their performance.

To become someone who can make good money on the stage, you should possess the following skills:

Active Listening

While your main responsibility is to entertain, you shouldn’t be the only one blabbing all throughout the conversation. Most customers are there to relax, and that can sometimes mean complaining about work, their family, or any other personal issue. You may even end up privy to their deepest, darkest secrets.

Interactions should go both ways, so you’ll need to give your client your undivided attention when they’re talking to you. Note the information offered to you, so you can better understand their situation. If you can, encourage them to bring up whatever they want, even their problems.


You’ll be spending a good portion of your time transacting with customers, so you need to be able to talk to them without trouble. Not only should you know how to listen actively, but also get your point across. Stuttering or slurring won’t exactly scream ‘impressive’, so work on your speaking.

Just because strippers are part of exotic evening pursuits doesn’t mean that you can blurt out whatever you want in the club. In the same way that you don’t want your clients to use derogatory or inappropriate terms on you, you shouldn’t use them in your conversations with them either.

Overall Entertainment

Knowing how to work the poles can greatly benefit you on the stage. Lap dancing skills are pretty awesome in snagging tips on the floor too. But gyrating your body shouldn’t be the only thing you are good at. You need to be able to offer something more for adult entertainment. read more

What Men Should Know When Requesting for a Lap Dance

What Men Should Know When Requesting for a Lap Dance

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Have you ever been to a strip club and received a lap dance from one of those gorgeous strippers? If not, then you need to try it on your first visit to such an establishment and see what it’s like to get a lap dance Brisbane has. This service is what most men who visit a strip joint would want if they want to literally get lost in their fantasies. In fact, it is the only dance that would bring you physically closer to a beautiful lady with fantastic curves.

Men’s Etiquette When Getting a Lap Dance

When requesting for a lap dance, there are rules that you need to follow. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up on the gutter before the break of dawn.

No touching!

Every gentlemen’s club in Australia has their own rules, and those aren’t just words posted on walls. Similarly, getting a lap dance Brisbane has also requires you to observe some gentlemanly gestures. Basically, they are a standard, which when violated, will make you regret for doing so. Almost all men who face a beautiful girl grinding her way to their laps and groins won’t simply sit and stare, as most of them would be tempted to grope and fondle any part of her. But, as strictly as it is, men should behave properly and keep their hands off.

Do not ask for something ridiculous.

For your own sake, don’t be so ridiculous to open up crazy requests to your lap dancer. A strip joint might be one place where you can make your fantasies alive, but not anything goes here. You might have obscure gratifications, such as foot or shoe fetish, but you can’t simply bring them up inside the club or to a strip dancer jigging her sexy moves on your lap.

Don’t spoil the night with your personal woes.

As some men would do, gentlemen’s clubs are where frustrated or depressed men usually go. If you are one of those guys, then consider this a heads-up and to put your personal woes behind the curtain.

Respect boundaries.

Similar to the “no touching” rule, expecting to get an “extra service” is strictly not the case when you enter a strip joint and enjoy a lap dance Brisbane has. That’s technically out of any strip club’s rules, although there are dancers who might want to give you what you want, but to their own expense. read more

A Gentleman’s Guide to Finding the Best Strip Club in Brisbane

A Gentleman’s Guide to Finding the Best Strip Club in Brisbane

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You and your friends just turned legal, and so, you are looking forward to visiting your first adult club in Brisbane. However, you do not have a clue where and how to start. If you are reading this, most definitely you are now on the right track. For sure, there are tons of places to go in this side of Australia. The Queensland capital is filled with nightclubs and party hubs that will surely leave you dazed and overwhelmed. When you want adult entertainment though, look only for the best strip club in Brisbane.

Do not settle for subpar entertainment. Bring your best mates to a place that will most certainly rock the best night of your life. How — you ask? Just read on to find out more about this matter.

Snoop around and investigate

It is always a smart move to begin with research before you even decide which place to go. Consider what the occasion will be. Is it a stag party for a friend who’s getting married? Is it just a night of downtime from a busy week of work? When you know your purpose for going there, this will make it easier for you to choose from the list.

Take note of the facilities and services that are available. Will you be needing private adult lounges, for instance? Would you like petite or plus-sized strippers? Such minute details that can make a huge difference for your first strip club experience. So, make sure that you have checked all of these.

Look for customer feedback and reviews

Do you need legitimate customer reviews and survey? Look for a club’s Facebook page. If there is none available, you can also check it out on Google Plus. There are numerous websites where you can hear feedback from satisfied – and unsatisfied – customers. Through these, you will have a clear picture of how the club is being run. Take a good look at the bad ones, so that you can avoid those places.

Approach your friends for recommendations

Aside from researching, you may likewise need to ask for any recommendations. Probably, your friend knows of a good place. You can also consult concierge services and party planners for the best strip club in Brisbane that hosts stag parties. Commonly, they can recommend you something depending on your preferences. By knowing details, such as amenities and products offered, you can limit your choices to make things easier for you. read more

5 Tips for Practising Proper Lap Dance Etiquette

5 Tips for Practising Proper Lap Dance Etiquette

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At first, it would seem that Brisbane stripper bars are places where anything goes. But the truth is that there are still rules you should follow if you want to truly enjoy the exotic side of nightlife. Clubs in Australia tend to be pretty laid-back but there are certain lines you should never cross. This is especially true if you are planning to be on the receiving end of a lap dance.

Learn the rules of the house

Every venue has their own set of rules. If you see a huge sign saying “No Touching” then that means that you better keep your hands off the girls. You may even see a long list of stuff that you’re not allowed to do somewhere near the entrance. It would be good for you to take note of them to avoid any trouble down the road.

Wear something nice and decent

You do not want to turn up looking and smelling like a hobo unless you want the bouncer to stop you at the door. Shower and prepare yourself as if you were going on a date. You’ll be getting up-close and personal with a sexy lady so you should dress accordingly. However, avoid any rough fabrics and sharp accessories. The last thing you want to happen is hurt the dancer with your belt.

Give the performers due respect

Use respectful and polite language when you’re asking for a private lap dance. Calling them a derogatory term could have you banned from Brisbane stripper bars for life or at least get you blacklisted as a bad customer. No taking of photos or videos during the dance as well. They would rather not have their bodies posted all over social media without their permission, after all.

Bring enough money for tips

Never turn up to the strip club with just enough money for a bottle of beer. When you’re intending to get a dance, you should have the base fee to slip to the performer. A nice tip would be much appreciated if you see that the dancer is going above and beyond to impress you with her moves. Don’t have any change? Speak to the bartender or any of the serving staff for assistance with that. read more

Think You Know Everything There Is to Know about Strippers?


When you hit the Brisbane strip club scene and mingle with Fortitude Valley strippers more times than you can remember, you may think that you’ve got everything pretty much down pat. However, there are actually many surprising things that happen in the world of stripping that you may not be aware of.

Just try to have a chat with anyone who works in the business. Dancers, bouncers, bartenders, waitresses, and club owners will surely have some hilarious, creepy, and nasty stories to share. Indeed, this industry doesn’t run out of interesting tales.

Check out these stripper-related stories which even made the news!

Robot Strippers

The rule of the Terminator has come sooner than we expected. During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, dancing bots from the United Kingdom were shipped to a club in Las Vegas. These robot strippers were meant to be a publicity stunt for those who were attending the CES.

Some of those who saw the dancing androids commented that although it was interesting to watch bots gyrate and work a pole, their current level of dance skills and their appearance still needed some work. Human strippers still rule in the arena of sending jolts of electricity down your body and awakening your sensual desires.

Strippers at a Funeral

Does your last will and testament include hiring a group of the hottest Fortitude Valley strippers and having them dance at your funeral? Then you’d better move to China quick! In some rural areas in the country, there have been several occasions where exotic dancers were hired to perform at a funeral by the family of the deceased.

In the rural regions, some believe that a way of honouring the dead relative is by increasing the number of funeral attendees. So, families hire strippers, actors, singers and/or comedians to draw a larger crowd. It’s also a way to showcase one’s wealth.

However, China has banned this practice in 2015. Perhaps it won’t be such a good idea to relocate there after all.

Pay Strippers Using Bitcoin

A club in Las Vegas allows their clients to pay for a lap dance and booze in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency. The dancers have temporary QR code tattoos which you can scan with your phone. Now, if that’s too techy for you, you can just stick to paper bills since the establishment still accepts cash. Besides, you can’t make it rain using digital currency, right? read more