5 Tips for Practising Proper Lap Dance Etiquette

At first, it would seem that Brisbane stripper bars are places where anything goes. But the truth is that there are still rules you should follow if you want to truly enjoy the exotic side of nightlife. Clubs in Australia tend to be pretty laid-back but there are certain lines you should never cross. This is especially true if you are planning to be on the receiving end of a lap dance.

Learn the rules of the house

Every venue has their own set of rules. If you see a huge sign saying “No Touching” then that means that you better keep your hands off the girls. You may even see a long list of stuff that you’re not allowed to do somewhere near the entrance. It would be good for you to take note of them to avoid any trouble down the road.

Wear something nice and decent

You do not want to turn up looking and smelling like a hobo unless you want the bouncer to stop you at the door. Shower and prepare yourself as if you were going on a date. You’ll be getting up-close and personal with a sexy lady so you should dress accordingly. However, avoid any rough fabrics and sharp accessories. The last thing you want to happen is hurt the dancer with your belt.

Give the performers due respect

Use respectful and polite language when you’re asking for a private lap dance. Calling them a derogatory term could have you banned from Brisbane stripper bars for life or at least get you blacklisted as a bad customer. No taking of photos or videos during the dance as well. They would rather not have their bodies posted all over social media without their permission, after all.

Bring enough money for tips

Never turn up to the strip club with just enough money for a bottle of beer. When you’re intending to get a dance, you should have the base fee to slip to the performer. A nice tip would be much appreciated if you see that the dancer is going above and beyond to impress you with her moves. Don’t have any change? Speak to the bartender or any of the serving staff for assistance with that.

Appreciate the experience

Relax and be ready to receive from the stripper who is servicing you. Whistle, hoot, and clap for her. Shower her with compliments, especially sincere ones. Just make sure you don’t use any foul language though. Realise that every dance can be different depending on the performer so appreciate each one that you get.

Receiving lap dances is an important part of going to Brisbane stripper bars so you should learn how to behave when getting one.

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